React-router-dom bindings for Reason

This repository contains simple bucklescript bindings for react-router-dom v4.

There are some small differences in usage, mainly depending on how reason-react wants components to be passed as props.

The Route component expects a componentMake containing the wrapped component’s make function.

<Route path="/2" componentMake=Foo.make />

For components like Link or NavLink which expect a to prop containing either a string or an object, you’ll have to pass either a _to: string or a toObj: Js.t ({.. pathname: string} as 'a).

<NavLink _to="/"> ... </NavLink>
<NavLink toObj={"pathname": "/2"}> ... </NavLink>

Please not that this never intended to be a complete implementation of the library and that it was written as an exercise. Despite that, it works correctly except for a couple of missing things:

  • matchPath
  • withRouter
  • some types need to be improved

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