Clojure Examples

I’ve just written a small library for myself that could be useful to anyone who’s learning Clojure: Examples.

It prints examples for the function passed as argument, taking them from

The library is on Clojars, so to use it just add the dependecy to your lein project.clj:

(defproject ...
    :dependencies [[examples \"0.3.0\"]]}

Then add it to your requires:

(:require [examples.core :refer [examples clear-examples-cache])

The usage is pretty simple: just call (examples function) in your REPL, and you’ll get all the examples printed.

E.g. (examples map)

(map inc [1 2 3 4 5])
;;=> (2 3 4 5 6)

;; map can be used with multiple collections. Collections will be consumed
;; and passed to the mapping function in parallel:
(map + [1 2 3] [4 5 6])
;;=> (5 7 9)

;; When map is passed more than one collection, the mapping function will
;; be applied until one of the collections runs out:
(map + [1 2 3] (iterate inc 1))
;;=> (2 4 6)

;; map is often used in conjunction with the # reader macro:
(map #(str \"Hello \" % \"!\" ) [\"Ford\" \"Arthur\" \"Tricia\"])
;;=> (\"Hello Ford!\" \"Hello Arthur!\" \"Hello Tricia!\")

;; A useful idiom to pull \"columns\" out of a collection of collections. 
;; Note, it is equivalent to:
;; user=> (map vector [:a :b :c] [:d :e :f] [:g :h :i])

(apply map vector [[:a :b :c]
                   [:d :e :f]
                   [:g :h :i]])
;;=> ([:a :d :g] [:b :e :h] [:c :f :i])

;; From


user=> (map #(vector (first %) (* 2 (second %)))
            {:a 1 :b 2 :c 3})
            ([:a 2] [:b 4] [:c 6])
user=> (into {} *1)
{:a 2, :b 4, :c 6}


Cache can be cleared with (clear-examples-cache [fun]). If name is omitted, the entire cache will be cleared.

I hope it will useful to someone!

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