Setting up TabNine on Doom Emacs

I was curious to try TabNine, so I purchased a pro subscription to test it.

The results were not very satisfying at first, but the problem was that my Emacs configuration was not correct. TabNine suggestions were buried among company’s default ones, making it faster for me to just type what I wanted instead of scrolling through the suggestions.

After a bit of trials I finally found the correct way to configure it on Doom Emacs.

Add this line to packages.el to install company-tabnine:

(package! company-tabnine :recipe (:host github :repo "TommyX12/company-tabnine"))

Then add to config.el:

(after! company
  (setq +lsp-company-backends '(company-tabnine :separate company-capf company-yasnippet))
  (setq company-show-numbers t)
  (setq company-idle-delay 0)

The :separate key is what makes company show Tabnine suggestions before the standard ones.

After this, run the usual bin/doom upgrade and, once Emacs has started, run company-tabnine-install-binary.

Done! After this remember to configure TabNine and enable semantic completion for the languages you use.

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